Building Wrap LED Screens

Why pick digital signage?


more views than static displays


of consumers recall the ad within 2 weeks


more in-store traffic

Building wrap screens are real showpieces and can really help put a location on the map as they are so impactful and noticeable.

At LED Screen Digital we provide fully bespoke screens for covering buildings which are lightweight, easy to maintain and can not only make a location stand out but also create highly profitable marketing revenues through advertising sales.

Building wrap screens have come a long way in the last decade. Previously buildings were designed with the implementation of a screen in mind, making old buildings unsuited for the application but now with new lightweight panels, and a larger pitch size they can not only be retro-fitted but they can also still be seen through from the inside so buildings can be completely covered.

Image shows large digital screen display wrapping around a large hotel complex
Chorlton 2
Image shows a large outdoor digital screen in full colour, circling around to look like a large pineapple