Shopping Centre LED Screens

Why pick digital signage?


Growth in repeat buyers


upswing in overall sales volume


Generates 33% more in-store traffic

We provide large scale screens for both internal and external use in Shopping Centres, mini-malls and marketplaces.

These not only increase sales, help to increase potential revenue via advertising but also increase the image of the whole area and make a place feel more modern, upmarket and fashionable.

We provide a full variety of screen types from large format wall-mounted screens both externally and internally to hanging internal screens which are great in atriums and large open areas of shopping complexes. We also provide LED flooring screens which can be used as a feature as well as ribbon screens to wrap around balconies and curved walls. We offer a wide range of pitch sizes and provide full installation and support.

Image shows a large wrap-around digital screen in a shopping centre
Image shows window display screens inside a Nike store.