Freestanding LED Screen Digital Signage

Why pick digital signage?


Growth in repeat buyers


upswing in overall sales volume


Generates 33% more in-store traffic

Our LED Window Systems are highly customisable and are simple, thin and unobtrusive and so make great features in shop fronts as well as for large scale installations in office blocks and property.

We offer a wide range of pitches and provide full installation and support. The strips are highly impactful in indoor shop displays showing a wide and dynamic range of colours which never fails to catch the eye and are of a high brightness.

Due to the spacing between the LED blades the window system is semi-transparent and allows things to be seen through the screen but also doubles as a privacy guard. Also due to this spacing the system requires less components and therefore has a far thinner footprint than a conventional full wall display.

Image shows a digital screen outside a hotel and restaurant
Image shows a snowy hotel scene
Image shows a free standing digital screen on the side of a telephone box