Architectural LED Screen Installations & Flooring

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Architectural Installation Screens

We supply architectural screen displays and features which serve as more of a focal-piece than a traditional advertising screen. We work with several architectural designers and artists to create a variety of installations that compliment any space or building. These include but are not limited to; full video walls with custom motion graphics; abstract ribbon screen installations and customised globe screens, all of which really make any space look premium and firmly at the forefront of technology.

Image shows architectural screens that are raised onto the ceiling

LED Screen Flooring

Our LED flooring screens are a real showpiece and are a really impressive feature to add to any display or area frequented by lots of people. Our screens come with highly durable covers whilst remaining thin so they are easy to install and will withstand even the toughest of abuse. They’re great to display products such as cars and will fully support the weight of most large cars. We also provide interactive floor screens which can track the movements of multiple people at the same time, allowing games to be played or a variety of other marketing ideas.

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