Roadside LED Screens

Why pick digital signage?


more views than static displays


of consumers recall the ad within 2 weeks


more in-store traffic

At LED Screen Digital we have a solid history of supplying and managing roadside LED screens.

Our LED Roadside screens are the highest quality and come in a wide range of options from size to brightness and pitch size. We also provide bespoke designed surrounds for screens which we fabricate ourselves.

We run several large, outdoor roadside screens and are currently in the process of installing the largest screen in Manchester. We provide full installation and support as well as fully weatherproofed housing for the screens, we also provide full content management as well as content creation using our in-house design studio.

Our screens are highly impactful whilst still meeting all local council guidelines in terms of brightness whilst still showing a wide and dynamic range of colours which never fails to catch the eye.

Image shows a large digital screen on Parkway
Image shows a free standing digital screen on the side of a telephone box
Image shows a digital screen along Holloway Circus, Birmingham